Benefits of TIG Welding Aluminum in the Medical Device Industry

The benefits of TIG welding aluminum far exceed the benefits of MIG welding aluminum. By using our state-of-the-art welders and over 20 years of aluminum welding experience, we can produce higher quality welds than the MIG welding process.  Read more.

Capacity Moving into 2021

Microtech has been leading the way in producing medical device welding for over 20 years and have been making improvements to meet customer demands moving into 2021. Read more.

ISO 13485 Letter of Intent

Microtech Welding Corporation has been ISO 9001 certified for many years and now we are excited to announce that we have decided to start the process of transitioning to the ISO 13485 Quality System. Read more.

Microtech Expands to Serve Twin Cities

Microtech Welding Corp, answering strong demand for its micro welding capability, is excited to announce its planned expansion across the United States. Current markets in the Midwest include Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Read more.

Our COVID-19 Response

As we at Microtech Welding Corp respond to the challenges brought forth by COVID-19, the safety and health of all our employees and customers remains our top priority. Read more.

Challenging, Micro Mold Repair Solved

Last week, a new customer from Ohio came to us in search of welding for a variety of mold repair parts. However, the size of one of the injector pins was well outside than the scope of what is historically able to be welded. Read more.

Microtech Celebrates Over 20 Years in Aluminum Welding Experience

Here at Microtech Welding Corp, we have over 20 years of experience in aluminum welding. We have done thousands of aluminum welding jobs for both the medical industry and aerospace and defense contractors. Read more.

Microtech Makes Advancement In Welding Dissimilar Metal Wires

To better serve our customers and live up to the Microtech Welding Corp mission of “making lives better”, our research and development team has been striving to find a process to weld two dissimilar wires over the past several months. Read more.

Laser Beam Welding Benefits Device Fabrication

Recently, the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry published an article about welding for medical device fabrication. Traditional methods often cause damage or warping. Laser Beam Welding is a safer alternative. Read more. 

Microtech Assists with Prototype Development

Every project that comes through our doors has one thing in common: a prototype. From the smallest medical tools to the largest aeronautical parts, they all begin with thorough planning, testing, and development. Read more. 

Advanced Welding Capabilities for Every Industry

Microtech Welding Corp. has brought a whole new level of dedication to the field. While originally considered a basic tool and die repair shop, we have since evolved our skills and techniques. Read more.

Microtech Helps Create Orthopedic Welding Specification

Microtech is proud to have been part of the taskforce to create a welding engineering specification for medical devices. Read more.

Microtech Acquires Federal Firearms License

With our newly acquired Federal Firearms License (FFL), we are now able to receive, hold, and weld on serialized firearms. Read more.

Requirements for Medical Welding

Medical welding requires precise, accurate, and versatile welding, which makes micro welding and lab-like conditions the ideal option. Read more.

Welding Dissimilar Stainless Steels

Welding dissimilar stainless steels is a tricky process. Microtech follows all weld specifications on all weld joints per customer specifications.  Read more.

LBW or GTAW: Choose the Correct Welding Method

Choosing the correct welding method can be difficult. We break down the limitations, cons, and benefits of two popular welding methods: GTAW and LBW. Read more.

Microtech Earns ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In September 2018, Microtech achieved certification under the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Read more.