With our newly acquired Federal Firearms License (FFL), we are now able to receive, hold, and weld on serialized firearms. Laser welding and micro TIG welding are ideal repair methods for damaged firearms and corresponding components. The high levels of precision our laser welding process offers can fill cracks, porosity, fill in pits with minimum filler material, and perform other firearm repairs without distortion.

Keeping filler material from spreading outside the desired area minimizes the need for secondary machining processes. It also often reduces the need for replacement parts since original pieces can instead be repaired.

With our Federal Firearms License, we can continuously improve our welding techniques in different areas of industries outside of medical. Microtech only supplies welding services, no machining is done at any of our facilities. We have the capabilities to weld a multitude of different materials including but not limited to:

  • Cobalt
  • Titanium (Ti6Al-4V)
  •  Aluminum
  • Stainless Steels
  • Meteorite
  • Damascus

Welding is often a much cheaper alternative than purchasing new components from OEM manufacturers or aftermarket suppliers. All of our welding is done to AWS D17.1:2001 Aerospace welding specifications. Microtech is also newly ISO 9001:15 certified, ensuring our commitment to providing quality micro-welding services.

Firearms micro-welding is a service offered by few in the area. We are proud to have acquired our FFL and hope to serve a new industry with the same quality and satisfaction as our other areas of expertise.