The benefits of TIG welding aluminum far exceed the benefits of MIG welding aluminum. By using our state-of-the-art welders and over 20 years of aluminum welding experience, we can produce higher quality welds than the MIG welding process.

TIG welding is superior to MIG welding in the medical, aerospace, and defense industry because TIG welding aluminum delivers a more precise weld than the MIG welding process. TIG welding provides the added benefits of no weld splatter, which is common in the MIG welding process as well as having greater control with a variable amperage foot pedal. TIG welding aluminum requires a highly skilled welder to adequately complete a weld joint. 

Aluminum is difficult to weld because it is very susceptible to foreign material while the molten weld pool is formed, which increases the risk of having added porosity in the weld leading to weak welds. Unlike steel, aluminum has a much lower melting point which makes it difficult for some welders to master. However, over the last 20 years, Microtech has overcame these challenges and have passed the knowledge onto our customer base