Welding dissimilar stainless steels is a tricky process. Knowing what two metals are trying to be joined together is helpful in determining the filler that is to be used.

Microtech follows all weld specifications on all weld joints per customer specifications.  When there is a discrepancy found, that is quickly communicated to the customer for discussion – this is part of the development process and a value Microtech adds to the overall process. 

Welding dissimilar stainless steels is a tricky process.

When a weld specification is not provided, Microtech again will engage with our customer to try and determine the most effective filler material for the project.  Selecting a filler metal for dissimilar stainless steels does not have a simple answer. Both adjoining metals properties must be considered in order to determine the optimal filler metal.

Microtech’s experienced team will work collaboratively with our customer to determine what filler rod will best suit the application.  Additionally, we work with our customers through the development cycle and leverage our lab sectioning capabilities to help assess whether the recommended solution meets specification.   

Some suggested stainless steel pairings are:

  • 17-4 to 304–308L or 309L
  • 316L to 304L–316 or 308
  • 416 to 304–309, 310, or 312