To better serve our customers and live up to the Microtech Welding Corp mission of “making lives better”, our research and development team has been striving to find a process to weld two dissimilar wires over the past several months. A member of Microtech’s research and development team found that it was possible to gas tungsten arc weld (GTAW or TIG Weld) Nitinol and 304 stainless steel if welded with a high nickel content filler and a pure argon shielding gas. The Microtech R&D team concluded that the two best fillers were 718 filler and 1855 filler due to their high nickel content.


Microtech’s R&D team is always striving to make advancements in new and more effective methods of welding to better serve our customers. Constant advancements like this are what helps Microtech continue to be the industry leader in laser beam welding (LBW) and GTAW welding while providing the best possible service to our customers in the medical, defense, and tool and die industries.