To accurately and precisely GTAW weld on a pipe and other cylindrical instruments, multiple obstacles present themselves. To create the best looking and functioning weld, it is best to run a continuous bead from start to finish with as few starts and stops as possible.

To achieve this, Microtech has provided all GTAW welders with a welding positioner that allows individuals to spin the mounted piece at a speed that best suits them via a variable speed foot pedal. With multiple sizes of weld positioners, we are able to weld 2.5” od pipe and smaller. Each weld positioner has a through chuck to allow for purge lines to be added to produce the cleanest welds possible.

Another important feature to these weld positioners is that speeds can be adjusted to as slow as 1 revolution every eight minutes to as fast as 12 revolutions per minute. This gives the welders complete control of the instruments they are welding, which in turn allows welders to weld quickly and efficiently saving our customers time and money.  

orange welding positioner
red welding positioner